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Developed by experienced art collectors, LOT - ART is the leading search engine & marketplace for fine art & luxury collectibles. Lot-Art offers direct links to selected auction houses, art galleries, private collectors and artists worldwide. We cover the full cycle of an auction from Upcoming to Sold and Aftersale, so you can spot and profit from every geographical arbitrage, price gap and information asymmetry arising in the global art market.

LOT – ART key advantage is its ability to deliver a complete overview of the worldwide art & auction market from a single place, avoiding repetitive searches to any collector interested in a wide range of antiquities, contemporary artists and old masters, designers, jewelry makers and luxury collectibles such as classic cars, wine & spirits and timepieces.

LOT – ART mission is to make art investment more effective, transparent and time efficient, with the final goal to promote the purchase of art related assets as a valid portfolio diversification strategy from the volatile financial markets.

We have designed our user’s interface and developed advanced catalogue-search functions to offer you the best art and luxury browsing portal, providing direct links to the most reputable auction houses, bidding platforms and selected art galleries worldwide.

Valuate & Sell Your Assets: Would you like your artworks and collectibles to be valued for free? Discover the financial value of your assets, request a free valuation to one of our selected auction houses.

Art Investment Advisory: Buying the right piece of art could be the best choice for any investor looking for alternative investment opportunities aside from the volatile financial markets. Do you feel you lack the experience to select the most promising and cost-effective artworks for sale at auction or on the art galleries scene? Count on our solid expertise to effectively profit from the growing international art market, thanks to LOT – ART personalized Art Investment Advisory service.

From our office in Amsterdam, Holland we will assist you with sourcing and acquiring quality art for your collection, a residential project or just to answer to your portfolio diversification strategy. Get in touch with our expert team today.

A Comprehensive Searching Portal for the most demanding collectors.

Multi-Search: enter up to 35 multiple keyword searches at once; you can both browse through all the corresponding lots at once or flick through each set of results individually. Each search can be as detailed as you like.

Saved-Searches and Email Alerts: Save the keywords you use the most to quickly run your favorite searches with a single click and in every section of LOT-ART. Optionally, you can set filters by country, price estimate and other settings. At your discretion, we can also send you email-alerts when new lots matching your saved-searches are available, so you will never miss that unique piece again, even if you don’t check regularly!

Wish List: Save your preferred lots in your Wish List to access them quickly, before and after the auction. We can also send you a reminder to place your bid in time one day before the auction date.

Sold & Aftersale: Among the innovative features of LOT – ART is the opportunity to effectively search through thousands of unsold auction lots in what is, to date, the largest Aftersale online database. Use it to directly get in touch with the auction house in case you are interested in negotiating a purchase. In our Sold Section, you will find historical price information recorded at auction, a useful indication of the actual value of an item you could rely on before finalizing your bid.

Buy Now: To provide the most complete overview on the investment opportunities offered by the international art market, we have added, aside to our auctions database, the opportunity to search artworks from trusted art galleries. We think it is a great opportunity to cover the time gap between the release of a new art work and its listing at auction. From the advanced search box at LOT – ART, you can always choose to explore the full database or to narrow your research, selecting between Auctions and Galleries.

Free Catalogue Listing: your catalogues can be effectively listed on LOT – ART to be reached by our international audience of art & luxury collectors. Our IT team will take care of the entire setup: you may simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of a growing traffic of bidders to your website. Listing auction catalogues on Lot-Art is free! We only ask a 1 time contribution of Euro 95 for the crawler set up.

Receive Consignments: Lot-Art can forward consignment proposals directly to your auction house consignment page regarding items in selected categories of your choice for as low as Euro 90 / month. More details »

Premium Marketing Package: Lot-Art premium marketing services tailored to optimize your listing conversion rate include the following:

  • Homepage Highlights:
    we feature your catalogue and lots on each relevant section of Lot-Art home page and highlight them in every related search by our extensive collectors' audience.
  • Blog:
    we publish an article featuring your sale on the Lot-Art & Auctions Blog
  • Newsletter:
    we send the blog article as a newsletter to our extensive network of international collectors
  • Social Media:
    we promote your catalogue highlights with dedicated posts on our social media pages (LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Aftersale:
    we list your aftersale lots under the "Buy-Now" section of our homepage for any requested period.
  • Banners:
    1 week on every page and newsletter of Lot-Art
  • The total cost of a premium marketing package is Euro 399.
    The XL premium package including 1 month Aftersale and 1 month consignment is Euro 495.
    VAT at 21% will be charged to auction houses outside the EU.

With Lot-Art Investment Advisory we assist our clients acquiring quality artworks which are also sound financial investments for a purpose of portfolio diversification. We would welcome your suggestions on the availability of best investment lots in upcoming auction catalogues, which we can then present to our clients. More details »

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Free Listing - Pay only when you Sell: Select items priced above $ 2.000 from the gallery stock you wish to monetarize. Send us pictures and text for each item, we will list them for you on the Lot-Art 'Buy Now' section. Your items will also display in every related search. Listing is free, you only pay a commission of 19% following a successful sale.

Link to your website - For a monthly Fee: We list your art stock linking directly to the catalogues on your website. With your subscription, we will also provide you with free premium marketing services. Our subscriptions are the following

  • 1 month: 230 euro/month + free social media promotion service
  • 3 months: 199 euro/month + free premium marketing package

Tailored Marketing Service: Lot-Art premium marketing package tailored to optimize your listing conversion rate includes the following:

  • Homepage Highlights:
    we feature your items on our home page and highlight them in every related search by our extensive collector audience
  • Blog:
    we will publish an article about your gallery on the Lot-Art Blog
  • Newsletter:
    we send the article as a newsletter to our extensive network of collectors
  • Social Media:
    we promote your catalogue highlights with dedicated posts on our social media pages (LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook)
  • Banners:
    1 week on every page and newsletter of Lot-Art

Download the brochure with all the info on Lot-Art premium services to art galleries.

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Francesco Gibbi is a seasoned art collector and expert in 18th century Neoclassical etchings. In 2015, understanding the emerging investment opportunities offered by the art auction market, but as well the need for more transparency and efficiency for the art buyers, he founded the Amsterdam-based online portal for Worldwide Auctioning " LOT – ART.com " to enhance the role of fine art investment as an effective portfolio diversification to volatile financial markets.

Master Degree in International Management and specialized in International Affairs, after covering for over 15 years financial and management roles in International Organizations, Francesco is now sharing his expertise as Alternative Investment Advisor, believing the best investment should bring more than the opportunity of a sound financial return, but as well tangible esthetic and ownership feelings to his owner.

"Art collecting is an investment and follows similar rules to most common financial products, but it is just more rewarding in terms of emotional feelings and less volatile in terms of economic value, especially if you well diversify your collection into contemporary art, jewelry and old masters. Leveraging on a sound expertise, auctions are the best source of good deals to any collector looking for alternative investment opportunities."

Read his article about how to safely and efficiently buy art in auction.

Milan Madar is a computer scientist and a former professional artist. Combining his knowledge in IT and his passion for the Arts, he partnered with Francesco to develop LOT – ART, the new art-related online platform for worldwide auctioning. After Milan developed the efficient and market-leading search engine and data-management system, the platform was launched in October 2015.

"As a CIO I use Information Technology (IT) for its primary purpose: process and provide information in a way that helps people. Being a former artist myself, I understand passion. I want to help enthusiastic art buyers, investors and the artists who create inspiring artworks for this world."