From Art Collector to Investor: Lot-Art Investment Advisory & Market Analytics

11 Mar 2021

LOT-ART is the search engine of reference for investing in the world of fine art and passion assets.

We can offer an advanced Art Investment Advisory & Valuation service based on objective analytical insights of the global art market.

Cross-referencing historical data with future sales, LOT-ART enables both Private Collectors and Investors to make informed investment decisions in art related assets as an effective strategy of portfolio diversification.

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Massimo Vitali - Spiagge Olandesi "Bloemendaal", 2001; Right: Wolfgang Stiller (b. 1961) - Jellyfish Painting, 2012

What we do: Monitoring the global art market through the platform, we can leverage on geographic arbitrages and information asymmetries to identify high quality assets which are also sound financial investments. We provide specific information on what, where and which price to buy in order to have a liquid asset in your portfolio.

LOT-ART market expertise, international network and big data analytics allow you to profit from the best deals in contemporary and modern art, old masters, classic cars, fine wine and luxury watches, by assessing the quality, provenance, asset's liquidity,financial risk and opportunity of return on investment.

Why we do it better: Combining qualitative & financial due diligence, LOT-ART provides effective investment recommendations on any passion asset to be purchased through auction bidding or private sales. We have developed big data analytics to assess the liquidity, actual value, investment risk and opportunity of return of fine art and passion assets, which can now be purchased as an asset class within a strategy of portfolio diversification.

Buy Now Left: Katerina Belkina - Rosekiss; Right: Paolo de Matteis (1662-1728) - Storia di Beniamino e dei suoi fratelli

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Art is an asset with a strong historical and aesthetic value, but when large sums of money are involved the financial aspects of the investment cannot be overlooked. Investing in Fine art and Passion Assets is an effective opportunity of capital conservation against the risks of inflation, stocks volatility and raising interest rates.

LOT-ART analytics allow you to select art-related assets as a form of investment, measuring price trends and volatility of a given artist/medium/subject/size or brand/model, the related investment risk and the real-time market value of the asset for valuation, purchase, resale, insurance and collateralization purposes.

Download the Art Investment Brochure and learn how LOT-ART can identify for you quality fine art & passion assets which also stand as sound financial investments.

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Buy Now Left: Inta Nahapetjan - SoulQuest II; Right: Thilo Heinzmann - O.T, 2012

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