Looking for your favorite items at auction? It is easy on Lot-Art.com

10 Aug 2017

This User Guide will lead you step-by-step through the many services and features offered by Lot-Art to help you finding your favorite items at auction

#1 Visit Lot-Art.com

Lot-Art is a unique auctions browsing portal specialized in helping collectors, dealers and art lovers finding specific lots or a wide range of favorite items in the crowded online auctions' world.

Lot-Art offers the largest database of Upcoming and Aftersale auctions' lots on the web. If you are looking for your favorite items, you will surely find them here!

2a# Kickoff your search

To run your search, you just need to type the item (lot) you are looking for in the search bar. And it doesn’t have to be just one keyword! Lot-Art is the only portal enabling you to run multiple keyword searches at once: Simply, enter up to 30 keywords into the search bar, separated by a comma.

For example Rolex, Piaget, Patek Philippe

P.s. the great thing is that any search can also be saved, so next time you dont need to type it again!

2b# Advanced Search!

Lot-Art allows you to focus your searches on a specific Country, Time range, Price range or even a specific Auction House. Just open the “Advanced Search” panel to set the desired sorting criteria.

You can also choose to see Upcoming, Aftersaleor Sold items. Especially, the Aftersale section allows you to buy unsold items up to 15 days after the auction. A service only available on Lot-Art.

If you need an even higher precision in your search results, you can exclude those results you do not find relevant by simply placing a minus ( - ) to the keyword that you like to exclude. For example, by searching "Painting -Dutch" you will see all painting except the “Dutch” ones.

If you instead place a plus (+) sign between two words your search will only show that exact combination. So that your "17+century painting" search will make sure you only see paintings from the ‘17th century’.

3# Choose your lot

After running a search, Lot-Art will show the resulting lots.  When running multiple searches at once, you can see all results together or flick through each one.

By clicking on an item you will be able to see the full description of the lot, with the estimates, date, location, contact info of the auctioneer. Moreover, you can use the Wish button to save the best lots at hand with the opportunity to receive an email reminder before the sale.

4# Bidding

Now that you have all the information about your favourite lots, you can place your bid!

On the dedicated page of a lot, you will find the link (Bid On...) to the auction house or the bidding platform, where you will be directed to place your bid.

Want to customize your searches and save time?

Lot-Art has free tools to make it happen.

To enjoy the full potential of this search engine, you only need toregister.It is quick and free! By doing so, you will allow us to satisfy your personal needs thanks to our personalized services:

  • Saved Searches

You don’t have to manually enter your search criteria every time you visit Lot-Art.  You can save your searches to have all your preferred searches immediately available each time you log in.   Additionally, when new related lots are available for sale, we can send you an email alert so you never miss any interesting items!

  • Wish List

You canadd your favorite lots to your personal wish-list, so they are always with you for a quick view and easy comparison. Additionally, the day before the auction, you can receive a reminder email about the upcoming sales. By doing so, we will make sure that you will not miss the opportunity to bid on your favourite lots!

  •   Selected Lots

Even the homepage of Lot-Art will be personalized once you have logged-in: the Selected Lots section will show you the most interesting lots at auction according to your previous searches and preferences.

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