Modern & Contemporary Art at AAG Amsterdam

17 Jun 2019

Monday 24 June 2019, AAG Amsterdam presents the Modern & Contemporary Art Sale. It includes 20th and 21st-century modern paintings and sculptures, coming from a qualified Dutch and European private collections. Find the fully illustrated catalogue here: 

Modern & Contemporary Art

Monday 24 June 2019, 2 p.m.
Viewing: 21 - 23 June, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Selected Lots:

Left: John Rädecker - Monnik (Monk); Right: John Rädecker - A head of a woman 

John Rädecker (Amsterdam 1885 - 1956) Monnik (Monk) | Lot 11
A bronze titled Monnik (Monk), offered by the family of the artist. It is an early work by Rädecker and extremely rare to appear at the market. One cast of this head can be found in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. Signed with initials and dated 1924 on the back. Edition of circa 8. Bronze, H. 29.5 cm. See Price Estimate...

John Rädecker (Amsterdam 1885 - 1956) - A head of a woman | Lot 12 

Circa 1950. Marble, H. 30.5 cm. See Price Estimate...

Left: Charlotte van Pallandt - Femie leunend op elleboog (1929) ; Right: Charlotte van Pallandt - Tors (1930)

Charlotte van Pallandt (Arnhem 1898 - Noordwijk 1997) - Femie leunend op elleboog (1929) | Lot 15
A beautiful Cubist work.Signed and with foundry mark Binder Bronsgietery on the back Bronze, H. 52 cmSee Price Estimate...

Charlotte van Pallandt (Arnhem 1898 - Noordwijk 1997) - Tors (1930) | Lot 18
This work shows greatthe artist's knowledge of anatomy and perfect sense of form and texture. Signed and with foundry mark Binder Bronsgietery on left leg. Bronze, H. 83 cm. See Price Estimate...

Mai Dantsig -  (Minsk 1930 - 2017) - Туrистьі (Tourists)Right: Mai Dantsig - (Minsk 1930 - 2017) - В сквере (in the park)

Mai Dantsig -  (Minsk 1930 - 2017) - Туrистьі (Tourists) | Lot 38 
Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner. In his works, the father of Belarussian modern art excels with his complicated symbolic or metaphorical significance in expressive style. Signed in the Cyrillic lower right. Signed and titled in Cyrillic, dated 1956 and numbered 11 on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 83 x 50 cm. See Price Estimate...

Mai Dantsig - (Minsk 1930 - 2017) - В сквере (in the park) | Lot 39 
Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner. Signed in Cyrillic lower right. Signed twice, titled in Cyrillic and dated 1955 on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 60 x 35 cm. See Price Estimate...

Left: Pablo Picasso - Femme;  Right: Pablo Picasso - Cavalier et cheval 

Pablo Picasso (Malaga 1881 - Mougins 1973) - Femme (1955) | Lot 48 
Exquisite and rare pitcher. Stamped Edition Picasso and Madoura Plein Feu on the bottom; Signed Edition Picasso on the bottom. Edition of 100. White unglazed earthenware ceramic pitcher with coloured engobe and glaze, the inside glazed, H. 32.6 cm. See Price Estimate...

Pablo Picasso (Malaga 1881 - Mougins 1973) - Cavalier et cheval (1952) | Lot 49 
A highly decorative and sought after pitcher with a spout. Stamped Edition Picasso and Madoura Plein Feu on the bottom. Signed Edition Picasso, numbered 248/300 and Madoura on the bottom. White partially engraved earthenware ceramic pitcher with coloured engobe and glaze, H. 22.1 cm. See Price Estimate...

Left: Salvador Dalí - The brush pot; Right: Corneille - Katvis (Cat fish)

Salvador Dalí - (Figueras 1904 - 1989) - The brush pot (1919) | Lot 51 
This pot is a unique work made and hand-painted by the surrealist himself and was created for the interior of the rendezvous where the humorous Dadaist journal El Senyor Pancraci was conceived around 1920 by Dalí and his friends in Figueres. This extremely rare object is accompanied with a hand-written declaration of authenticity by the artist’s secretary and famous Dalí-specialist Robert Descharnes. H. 15 cm. See Price Estimate...

Corneille (Liège 1922 - Paris 2010) - Katvis (Cat fish) | Lot 69
The highlight of this sale is this absolutely stunning bronze sculpture by the hand of CoBrA eminent Corneille. Beautifully patinated on a wooden pedestal measuring 2.4 meters in height, showing a subject that was conceived during a ‘trip’ of Appel and his friend Nico Koster in the year 2000. An Epreuve d’Artiste. Signed on the tail and numbered EA. With foundry mark Binder Bronsgietery Bronze, H. 240 cm (incl. wooden pedestal) / H. 100 cm (pedestal). See Price Estimate...

After Andy Warhol - Souper Dress; Right: Andy Warhol - Campbell's Soup I - Tomato Soup

After Andy Warhol - Souper Dress (c. 1965) | Lot 94
With the manufacturer's label at the neck. Edition unknown. Screenprint in colours on a cotton paper A-line dress, 94.3 x 58.3 cm. See Price Estimate...

Andy Warhol (Pittsburgh 1928 - New York City 1987) - Campbell's Soup I - Tomato Soup (1968) | Lot 95
Perhaps the most iconic piece of Warhol’s oeuvre. Signed and numbered J on the reverse (one of the 26 artist's proofs lettered A-Z aside from the standard edition of 250). Published by Factory Additions, New York. Screenprint in colours, 88.9 x 58.4 cm (sheet size). See Price Estimate...

Roy Lichtenstein - Forms in Space; Right: Jaap Egmond - KQ

Roy Lichtenstein (New York City 1923 - 1997) - Forms in Space | Lot 103

The famous Forms in Space shows the American flag made with Lichtensten’s dots and stripes. Signed, dated '85 and numbered AP 10/20 lower right (one of the 20 artist's proofs aside from the standard edition of 125). Published by the artist for the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Screenprint in colours, 89.9 x 131.9 cm. See Price Estimate...

Jaap Egmond (New York City 1913 - Amstelveen 1997) - KQ | Lot 128
Highly complex composition. Signed, titled and dated sept '79 on the reverse. White painted papier-mâché relief on cardboard, 95.8 x 95.7 cm. See Price Estimate...

Left: Angelo Brescianini - N. 60 spari di pistola cal. 22; Right: Pim Lenos - Table 

Angelo Brescianini - N. 60 spari di pistola cal. 22 (2015) | Lot 135
One of the odd works in this sale, but nonetheless highly desirable. Angelo Brescianini did not use a pencil or brush, but fired his guns at aluminium canvasses, and created elaborate kinetic compositions. Signed twice, titled and numbered Arch.n. BA01015102 on the reverse With a label by Archivio Lattuada Studio, Milan on the reverse with number 3695. Painted aluminium plate with bullet marks, 99.8 x 99.7 cm. See Price Estimate...

Pim Lenos (Schiedam 1945) - Table | Lot 218
Signed on one leg. Brazilian hardwood and bronze, H. 82.5 cm / Diam. 171.2 cm. See Price Estimate...

Ayako Rokkaku - Untitled AR15; Right: Ayako Rokkaku - Untitled AR62

Ayako Rokkaku (Chiba 1982) - Untitled AR15 (2006)| Lot 269
This artist, working in the famous Japanese Manga tradition whilst using only her fingers, is one to keep an eye on. Signed, dated 2006 and numbered 15 on a label on the backing. Acrylic on cardboard, 65 x 57.4 cm. See Price Estimate...

Ayako Rokkaku (Chiba 1982) - Untitled AR62 (2006) | Lot 270
Stamped with a signature lower right. Acrylic on cardboard, 74.2 x 97.2 cm. See Price Estimate...

The abovementioned is only a small selection of the vast assemblage offered. We, therefore, invite you to browse the online catalogue here.

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