Market Analytics: Evolve from Collector to Investor

We enable informed investment decisions in Fine Art and Timepieces for you to effectively exploite the financial opportunities of the global art market:

Follow price/volume trends and disclose the market value and liquidity of passion assets for investment, resale, insurance and collateralization.

Protect your capital from inflation and stocks volatility diversifying your portfolio in passion assets thanks to up to date analytical market insides on international artists and quality watches:

Receive a financial due diligence of your assets

Know the Actual Value, the Liquid Price, the Trends of the Sale Price & Volume of the asset you are purchasing; check the Sell-Through rate, and other important information to make an effective investment

See how an artist or watch brand ranks against others

In terms of Liquidity, Volatility and Profitability

Understand the price and volume trends

See how the price and volume changed over the years

Explore the database in detail: sold and unsold lots

Open any lot on the scatter plot to get the full info with description, estimate and sale price; excluding or including outliers and attributed.

Understand the geographical arbitrage

Find out where your asset is more popular by sales price and volume to know in which Country and auction house you should buy or sell.

Filter the lots database to match your interest

Make sure you analyze what you really care about: filter by keywords, subjects, country, size and price range.

Bring information asymmetry and geographic arbitrage in your favor:

Invest effectively in passion assets to diversify your financial portfolio while enjoying the aesthetics, ownership and cultural value of an art piece with Lot-Art market analytics.

Our big data analytics can assess the liquidity, actual market value, investment risk and profitability of fine art (contemporary art, modern art, old masters) and luxury collectibles (timepieces), enabling smart investment decisions within a strategy of portfolio diversification. See now a demo of LOT-ART Analytics >>