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Look for Best Deals on your favorite Artists & Brands

LOT-ART is the leading search engine & advisory for investing in fine art and luxury collectibles. We are the reference marketplace for both collectors and dealers of passion assets.

Use our advanced market tools to take informed investment decisions in fine art (paintings, prints, etchings, drawings, photography), design, classic furniture and passion assets (jewelry, timepieces, wine & spirits, vintage fashion).

Kickoff Your Search

To run your search, you just need to type keywords on the lot you are looking for in the search bar. With Lot-Art you can run up to 35 keyword searches at once! Enter several keywords into the search bar, separated by a comma (see picture below).

You can choose to search among Upcoming, Past or Aftersale lots, select the lot category, the sale location and the price range. If you are interested in running the same search again, you can save your search and run the same one in the future. See our search example with Rolex, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Panerai , Omega , Chopard , Glashutte

STEP2: Make Your Search More Focused
Once you have run the first search, you will see more search options that allow you to refine your search by further sorting the results according to various criteria, focusing it on a specific price range, type, or even auction house.

If you need a higher search precision, you can exclude results you don't find relevant by placing a minus ( - ) before the keyword you would like to exclude. In contrast, by placing a plus sign (+) between two words your search will only show that exact combination. For instance, your "17+century painting -Dutch" search will show you paintings from the "17th century", except for the Dutch ones.

STEP3: Customize Your Searches and Save Time
You can enjoy the full potential of our search engine by subscribing to our Membership Plans. It is quick and extremely affordable! By doing so, you will allow us to satisfy your personal needs thanks to our personalized services:

  • Saved Searches
    You don't have to manually enter your search criteria every time you visit Lot-Art. You can save your searches to have all your preferred searches immediately available each time you log in. Select your membership based on your actual use of the Lot-Art platform: if you need several Saved Searches or make an extensive use of the Wish List and the Price Database, we advise you to choose the "Collector" plan, otherwise the "Art Lover" plan could already be a good start to make the best out of the Lot-Art experience.

  • Wish List
    Add your favorite lots to your personal Wish List to access them easily. Moreover, to make sure you won't miss the opportunity to place your bid, you can choose to receive a reminder about the upcoming lots in your Wishlist the day before the sale.

  • Sold & Aftersale
    LOT-ART offers the opportunity to search through unsold auction lots in the Aftersale section. Use it to directly get in touch with the auction house if you are interested in negotiating a purchase. In our Sold Section, you will find historical price information recorded at auction, a useful indication of the actual value of an item you could rely on before finalizing your bid.

STEP4: Explore, Choose & Save Your Lot(s)
After running a search, you will be able to flick through each of the results.
By clicking on an item you will see the full description of the lot, with the estimates, date, location, contact info of the auctioneer. Here, you can use the Wish button to save the best lots and receive an email reminder before they go for sale.

STEP4: Bid On Your Favorite Lots!
With all the information about your favourite lots, you can place your bid!
On the dedicated page of a lot, you will find the link (Bid On...) to the auction house or the bidding platform, where you will be directed to place your bid.

Lot Page Buttons:

Sell a similar item: you can request a valuation and we will help you finding a buyer either through consignment to our auctions (price range 2000 to 50000 USD) or through private sales (price above 50000 USD).

Wish: Add your favorite lots to your personal wish list to access them easily for a quick view or comparison. Moreover, to make sure you won't miss the opportunity to place a bid on them, you can choose to receive a reminder about the upcoming lots in your Wishlist the day before they go for sale.

Inquire: Send a direct message to the auction house to request high-resolution pictures or a condition report of the lot you wish to bid on.

Shipping Estimate: You will be able to request an estimated shipping quote by entering the value of the lot, the pick-up country and city, and the delivery address. You can also add any relevant notes.

Buy Similar in Private Sales: Make a request to our Private Sales: an exclusive marketplace where collectors have the opportunity to purchase or sell discretely through reserved negotiations high-quality artworks (Old Masters, Modern, Contemporary Art) and luxury collectibles (watches, fine wines, jewelry, classic cars, fashion vintage).

The Homepage of Lot-Art comprises of the following sections:

  • Auction Highlights section will show you the most interesting auction catalogues at the moment

  • Selected Lots section will show you the most interesting lots at auction

  • Buy Now section will show you the most interesting Buy Now items, available for immediate purchase.

  • Luxury Lots section will show you the most interesting quality lots with an estimate above USD 40.000

  • Popular Categories section will allow you to search the global auction market by the most popular categories: Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Old Masters, Asian Art, Watches, Design

  • The Art News section will show you the latest stories / best deals / hot sales / opportunities in the global art market

On the Header (Desktop)/Menu (Mobile) you will find links to the main features of Lot-Art.

ANALYTICS: Lot-Art big data analytics assess the liquidity, actual value, investment risk and profitability of fine art (contemporary art, modern art, old masters) and luxury collectibles (timepieces), enabling informed investment decisions within a strategy of portfolio diversification.

INVEST IN ART: buying the right artwork is the best choice for any investor looking for alternative investment opportunities. Our personalized Art Investment Advisory will best serve privates and institutions who wish to invest in art as an asset class but don't have the expertise to unveil the best deals in the global art market. We will assist you acquiring quality artworks & passion assets with the highest degree of liquidity and opportunity of return, leveraging on Lot-Art big data analytics, market expertise and advanced search algorithm. Download The Art Investment Brochure and learn how Lot-Art can help you grow and protect your capital by acquiring quality artworks which are also sound financial investments.

VALUATE & SELL: disclose the value of your art & collectibles and if you are interested in selling, we can help you to identify the best channel either at auction or through private sales.

BUY NOW: browse items available for immediate purchase. Aside from our auctions database, we provide the opportunity to search artworks from trusted art galleries, artist studios and private collectors.

  • If you are not yet acquainted with the thrill of bidding at auction you can still buy selected artworks and luxury assets in perfect relax making an offer through the Lot-Art Gallery. Download the brochure with all the info on Lot-Art premium services to art galleries.
  • The Private Sales section of the Lot-Art Gallery allows both the purchase and resale of fine artworks through reserved negotiations, as a safe space for buyers and sellers who prefer to avoid the uncertainties related to bidding at auction. Download The Private Sales Brochure to access an international network of Blue Chip art collectors.

AUCTIONS: browse catalogues by auction house and location. The filters on the left-hand side (Desktop & Tablet) and the top icon (Mobile) can help you adjust your searches.

ART NEWS: discover the latest stories / best deals / hot sales / opportunities in the global art market.

MY SEARCHES: you will be able to easily access all of your saved searches and run them one by one or all together.

LOGIN/Name: you will be able to access all the features related to your account: your Wish list, Your Searches, Inquiries, Shipping Estimates, adjusting your Email Notifications, Memberships and Account Details.

Contact & Social Media

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