When Art Meets Design: Custom Made Jewels by Sorrenti, Italy

04 Jul 2020

Sorrenti, Milan, presents art jewels by designer Sara Zaghetto. Her designs are the basis for the creation of "customized" jewels made with the ancient technique of the "lost wax" by the hand of the best goldsmiths of "made in Italy".
The result is a work of art, a unique piece of exquisite Italian jewelry, hand-made by the artist, the goldsmith, and finally revealing the personality of the wearer with a truly "customized" jewel. Browse the full catalogue here »

"Every single object is a stolen tale. In some ways, it is always about thefts and returns, of thieving magpies and storytellers. Each glow is returned in a tale by the urgency to put the pieces together, by patching, sewing and rejoining. Objects sing, they narrate about dreams, memories and places. They arise from the discovery of small things revealing some others like the solitude of spiders hiding in abandoned wasp nests. Or like the oxidation's chemical reactions which eat up and cover with dust the metal, layer after layer, things on things after things never said." - Sara Zaghetto, designer.

These "art of matter" designs are of a raw and primordial beauty, where peaks and overhangs, contortions and escape routes to unknown and perhaps promising destinations, they represent pain, complexity and mystery, wonderfully wrapped in a tenacious hope of joy launched against skepticism and disenchantment with the aim of a free flight of the soul. "My works are born from the idea of an inner secret garden whose access can be found in deepness. Everything that is illustrated "springs out" in an internal place where the unsaid, silence, lightning and shadows have noise and a shape". Sara Zaghetto entrusted her talent to the Brera Academy, in Milan: like all artists, she explores the world through the interiority and her visions deeply impress the heart.


Left: Fairytales About Slavery - The Thief Ring; Right: Fairytales About Slavery Ring

Fairytales About Slavery - The Thief Ring
Bone, red lavic stone.

I stole your flesh, devouring what I could and keeping what my jealousy told me to keep, hiding the shreds, preserving your fire to warm my bones, starry sky after starry sky, until the end of time.

Fairytales About Slavery Ring

Polyurethane, acrylic, gold leaf wasp nests.

Each Ring Symbollically Seals a Bond, While it emphasizes the wearer’s Shaping Intends. Fairytales about Slavery is a Collection Inspired by Natural Landscape and European Folklore, which with its Vastness of Myths and Stories Aims to Reflect on the Human Condition that Seeks Without Time, Always Wandering and Dreaming.

Left: Fairytales About Slavery - Tundra Ring; Right: Fairytales About Slavery - The Fortress Ring

Fairytales About Slavery - Tundra Ring
Polyurethane, bone, acrylic, baltic amber.

Fairytales About Slavery - The Fortress Ring
Polyurethane, acrylic, wasp nests.

Left: Fairytales About Slavery- Aconitum luparia Necklace; Right: Fairytales About Slavery - Leicho - leichén Necklace

Fairytales About Slavery - Aconitum luparia Necklace
Rice paper, dried flowers, beehives necklace.

Fairytales About Slavery - Leicho - leichén Necklace
Copper, beehives, baltic amber.


Outside there was no hurricane. The light of dawn slowly took possession of the horizon. The constellations went out like candles one after the other. They only resisted a few first-rate stars. The deep song of infinity emanated from the sea.”

- Victor Hugo, The Laughing Man, 1869 - Third Book: “The Child in the Shadow” -cap.VI, Awakening

After The Hurricane Ring

After The Hurricane Ring
Bronz, hydrogen peroxide, salt, shells.


There is a cliche for the creatives: You Better Arm Yourself with Patience Because, When You Create Something for Someone Else While You Think About Him, You Will Never Catch the Correct Shape. The Main Risks are to Fall into Preset False Forms, Prejudices, or Idealisations. The More You Think the Less You Achieve. The Worst Part Comes When You Think to Know the One You Love but All You Can Get is Frustration. So When You're About to Give up Everything, Turning Over and Over That Piece of Wax in your hands, You Start to Hear the Whispering Memories of Touch, Glances, Breath, Laugh, Tears; Finally the Eye Stops Looking for any Kind of Delight, and You Know, Your Hands Know. And You're Sitting There, Staring Off Into Nothing And Everything in Particular at the same time, with your Heart Warm and Your Hands Trembling. And so it Comes. What Began as Something for You Becomes Something of You. So This is Just You, Between My Fingers.

YOU. Ring

YOU. Ring


I loved you, Drusilla, of pure love - pure as the purest stars. I loved you, Drusilla, how you can love the sea or the night-with an impetus that had all the despair of shipwrecks. “- Albert Camus, Caligula.

Drusilla of Night and Fog Ring

Drusilla of Night and Fog Ring
Polyurethane, watercolor, acrylic, pigments, eye shadows, shells.


Left: Hringir Ring; Right: Hringir Ring

Hringir Ring
Silver, red lava stone; silver, light lava stone. (PROVENIENCE: Canary Islands).

Hringir Ring
Silver, black lava stone; silver, light lava stone. (PROVENIENCE: Canary Islands).


Left: Secret Place Ring; Right: Low Tide Ring

Secret Place Ring
Bronze, salt, oxide, stone.

Low Tide Ring
Bronze, salt, oxide.


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