Diversify Your Portfolio in Fine Art Related Assets

Joining the opportunity of a financial return with the esthetic pleasure and physical ownership of a unique masterpiece, the art market is probably the most emotionally satisfying form of investment. Buying a piece of art is therefore a great choice for any investor looking for alternative investment opportunities.

Leveraging on the platform's extensive price database, expertise and international network, experts from the Lot-Art Investment Advisory will assist you with sourcing and acquiring fine art and luxury collectibles at the best price to optimize your portfolio diversification strategy in any form of valuable assets.

Download The Art Investment Brochure and learn how to get best deals which are also sound financial investments.

Proposing an innovative financial approach to art collecting, Lot-Art selects the best deals tailored to individual taste, budget, risk profile and financial objectives - both capital conservation or short term speculative. This assures a substantial price gap with the primary market to guarantee the highest degree of liquidity and opportunity of return on investment.

"Art collecting as investment follows similar rules to most common financial products, but it is more rewarding in terms of emotional feelings and less sensitive to the macroeconomic factors influencing financial markets. When combined with sound expertise, purchasing at auction is the best source of good deals for any collector seeking alternative investment opportunities." Francesco Gibbi, Founder & CEO | LOT-ART.com

Why Is Investing In Art A Winning Strategy?

More rewarding than standard financial products, art investment offers the following
  • Esthetic Pleasure (beauty & harmony of the colors, shapes, composition)
  • Prestige of Ownership (artwork as non-fungible and unique asset)
  • Historical Value (age and provenience)
Art also offers financial and risk diversification benefits (capital conservation)
  • Less sensitive to macroeconomic factors than stocks, bonds, funds (inflation, interest rates)
  • Less Volatile in Economic Value (when proper diversification strategies are followed)
  • Capital protected from extreme economic events (currency depreciation, company bankruptcy)
  • Art can hold long-term multigenerational wealth (tax incentives in some countries)
  • Source of liquidity in hard currency (collateralization for secured lending, international resale)

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